Known Issues


  • When you double-click in the tree the focus will not return to the edit window. I use the code from NppSnippets where it just works, but here is doesn’t work. The context menu item Jump to Tag does work as expected.
  • Switching between files leaves the tree untouched when there is no tags database found for the new source file.
  • Find out how to use the full search pattern to jump to the line, while searching. So including the ^ and $ to ensure the entire line is searched for.
  • Recent versions of Universal Ctags have changed ho to behave on long JavaScript and CSS files. This is most visible on minimized files. The current check in NppTags to prevent items from minimized files to show up on the tree need to be updated.

TreeBuilder specific

  • The C# treebuilder shows a class twice per namespace when this class is split over two files, for instance in a situation of a partial class defined in both FrmMain.cs and FrmMain.Designer.cs. I need a come up with a decent solution for this. What should be the tag to jump to when the class name is selected?
  • The C# treebuilder does not recognize nested namespaces yet.