Frequently Asked QuestionsΒΆ

Q: Does NppTags recognize tags in language XYZ?

A: NppTags relies on Universal Ctags for the recognition of tags. So please check the documentation of Universal Ctags to see if your language is supported by Universal Ctags. If not, you have to contact the Universal Ctags team to see if they want to add support for your programming language. If Universal Ctags supports your language Jump to Tag should have no problems, but the tree could not show any or all tags.

Q: I want to ignore some files when ctags generates the tags file. Can I add extra command line options?

A: If you want to add extra command line options to ctags, use a .ctags or ctags.cnf file. It can be placed in the current directory for local settings or in your user directory for global settings. See the Files section in the documentation of ctags for more details.

Q: Why are the languages C and C++ are displayed as ‘C/C++’?

A: This is done because .h files are standard marked as C++ by ctags. And for tags there is not too much difference between C and C++ to not combine them.

Q: When I jump to a tag it misses it by a few lines or it can not find it at all.

A: You probably need to regenerate the tags database by pressing generate button. Another problem may be that there is no unique search pattern for this tag. An option to use line numbers instead of seach patterns is planned.